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How to start your first newsletter with EmailBat in 4 steps

You have just registered and entered the EmailBat dashboard? It is time for send your first Newsletter campaign. It is so simple, and you only have to follow the steps below:

1. Subscribe to a plan

As you can see at your first login, at the bottom right of the page, the first notification says: "You are not subscribed to any active plan. Click here to check your subcriptions."


Just click on Click here, and check the Subscribe to a plan page. As you can see, you may change your plan anytime you need. 

You do not pay automatically every month. It is not reccuring payment. 

After the month expiration, you will be promted from the system to subscribe to a plan again.

For first time, you have 2 FREE options: a) the DEMO 3k plan and b) the Free 30k plan.

With the DEMO 3k plan, you are allowed to send up to 3.000 emails/month. It uses the sendmail function from EmailBat and you do not need to set up your SMTP in EmailBat.

With the Free 30k plan, you are allowed to send up to 30.000 emails/month. It uses the SMTP function and you have to setup your SMTP email credentials in EmailBat in order to set. If you have your email SMTP credentials, you may send your newsletter with that plan.

Select what you like and lets go to Lists.

2. Create a List

Click on the Lists at the Top Menu. Before create and send a Campaign, you have to import your Subscribers. So at the My lists page, click on + Create list button on the right.

Name* and Default From name* may be the same. It is the Name of the sender that your subscriber will see at his inbox. It is really very important. Be wise.

Default From email address* and Email* may be the same also. It is not reccomended to use gmail, yahoo and/or any ther free services for that.

Default email subject
Contact information Default from your contact information - Edit
Company / Organization *
State / Province / Region *
Address 1 *
City *
Address 2
Zip / Postal code *
Country *

Phone *

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